4 Litre Morris 2HSS 2 Stroke Oil for Horticultural Machines

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Groundforce 2HSS Semi-Synthetic 2 Stroke 4 litre

Morris Groundforce 2HSS is a top quality synthetic boosted 2 stroke oil, utilising the latest performance additive technology, for protection and performance. Provides maximum film strength and anti-wear characteristics, for prolonging engine life. Groundforce 2HSS is a low smoke, clean burning lubricant and reduces the need for maintenance on ports and exhausts. Provides all season reliability for modern 2 stroke engines when used in horticultural or plant equipment. This lubricant has been developed to meet the need for a specialised product for horticultural contractors and hired equipment where a certain amount of severe treatment has to be catered for and where adherence to mixtures ratios cannot be guaranteed.

Ideal for Lawn Mowers,Chainsaw,Generators,Blowers,Chipper/Shredder,Hedge Trimmer,Strimmers etc etc


4 Litre Morris 2HSS 2 Stroke Oil for Horticultural Machines

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