Oil Pumps & Extractors

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Pela  Vacuum Oil Extractor Pump 6.5 Litre
Pela Vacuum Oil Extractor Pump 6.5 Litre
A long time favorite among technicians because of its power and durability. Requires just 4 to 15 strokes in a row to create a powerful vacuum. The integrated container (6.5 litres) then neatly captures the oil preventing messy spills. The see-through, calibrated container lets the user know how much oil has been extracted. A built-in float switch automatically stops extraction as soon as capacity...
£79.95 inc VAT
Pela  Vacuum Oil Extractor Pump 14 Litre
Pela Vacuum Oil Extractor Pump 14 Litre
With a 14 litre capacity, the PELA Pro 14 is the largest on the market. It comes with a new improved, patent pending mechanism. For durability, the pump unit is also housed inside the container. Just pump 20 to 25 times in a row to create a powerful vacuum and then watch the oil drain into the see-through, calibrated container. An internal float switch shuts off extraction automatically when full....
£109.95 inc VAT
Seago Oil Extractor Vacuum Pump
Seago Oil Extractor Vacuum Pump
An exceptional pump in that the Seago Extract-It vacuum oil extractor pump can be used to change oil with no fuss or mess on boats, cars, motorbikes & anything that has an engine. Between 10 to 20 strokes of the pump creates a powerful vacuum which can then suck out the dirty engine oil or any other inaccesible areas such as the bilges. The dirty oil is sealed inside the tough durable container...
£26.50 inc VAT
Brass Engine Oil Sump Pump
Brass Engine Oil Sump Pump
Brass oil sump pump for extracting engine oil from inboard engines. Simply run the engine for a short time to heat the oil, then turn off engine and insert the longer of the nylon tubes in to the engine dipstick hole. The shorter length of nylon tube can dispense the used oil in to a separate container. Gently pump to draw up the used oil in preparation for a complete oil change. The oil pump is...
£18.95 inc VAT
Boa Constrictor Wrench
Boa Constrictor Wrench
This multi purpose rubber wrench with its 60cm rubber strap that is reinforced with 33 cords has a great tensile strength. The 20cm handle provides great leverage.Ideal for turning irregular shapes and opening anything from filters to bottle tops. 
£11.99 inc VAT