1 Litre Fuel Set - Fuel Conditioner

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Fuel Set

Water in fuel and fuel contamination is one of the biggest problems facing boat owners with vessels being left for weeks and sometimes months the fuel degrades becomes contaminated and contributes to engine failure.

Fuel Set is a complete fuel conditioner that maintains a clean fuel system, giving substantial fuel savings, better performance and significant reductions in harmful emissions in all petrol and diesel engines.

Using Fuel Set avoids manual cleaning of fuel systems, reduces maintenance costs and prolongs the life of engine parts.

Fuel set will work with most fuels and is equally useful in other types of engine being used for domestic and industrial applications.


  • Removes water Treats the ‘diesel bug’ and cleans up the fuel system and keeps the fuel system clean
  • Engines run smoother and reduces maintenance costs
  • Reconditions old, degraded fuel and lowers emissions
  • Restores lost fuel economy
  • Concentrated & economical - Pays for itself!
  • Environmentally responsible and easy to use, prevention is better than cure.

Regular dosing with Fuel Set will prevent moisture build-up in the fuel tank and kill off and disperse any Bug contamination. If water contamination has occurred it is advisable to drain off or pump out as much water as possible, treat with fuel set at double dose (2000:1).

Continue double dosing with Fuel Set until the problem is resolved.

"I am new to Marine Diesel Engines but have researched products that this one claims to provide. It is my first season, have bought a boat that perhaps could have been better cared for and we shall see if we have any fuel problems this season. The delivery and online experience has been exemplary and if this product works will use the product and service again."
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1 Litre Fuel Set - Fuel Conditioner

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