7x19 Stainless Steel Wire Rope 3mm

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We stock an extensive range of  Stainless Steel Wire Rope. In 1x19 and 7x19 constructions in AISI 316 grade stainless, sizes 1.5 to 8mm.

We stock plastic coated stainless steel wire for use as saftey guardwires on yachts and motor cruisers.

The end fittings we use are of the highest quality including Blue Wave swage & StaLok swageless terminals.

Copper ferrules and stainless steel thimbles are used for talurit ends. Highly flexible 7x19 construction A4-AISI 316 stainless steel cable is suitable for most running load applications & numerous applications such as security cables & winch cables. 7x19 stainless steel wire can be used for guardwires and is particularly suitable for halyards.

Wire Diameter: 1.5mm - 8.0mm Roll swaging and talurit ferrule end fittings available

• Yachting: Stainless steel rigging in any size

•Hard and soft talurit eye

•Roll swage eye, fork and rigging screw adjusters and straining systems

•Professional roll swaging finish Architectural: Stainless steel wire assemblies in any size

•Eye, clevis, threaded and stop terminals

•Swaged adjusters and straining systems

•Professional roll swaging finish

•Larger support and guy wires manufactured

Sold per meter.


7x19  Stainless Steel Wire Rope 3mm

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