Baltic Yellow Fun Print Toddler Foam Lifejacket 3-15kg

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A classic foam lifejacket in durable high visibility yellow fabric with fun marine life print and fitted with retro-reflective patches, front zip, adjustable waistband, crutch strap, top and bottom ties, whistle, lifting handle behind the collar. Baltic childs foam lifejackets are really comfortable for the youngsters to wear as they are made from soft foam with adjustable crutch strap

These are 100N Lifejackets NOT buoyancy aids, they perform in the same way as an adult lifejacket. Should the youngster fall in to the water the positioning of the foam buoyancy and the collar will ensure your child is supported face up in the water until you are able to perform a rescue and retrieve them.

Get your youngsters used to wearing a lifejacket for your peace of mind and their safety.

Size: 3 > 15kg


Baltic Yellow Fun Print Toddler Foam Lifejacket 3-15kg

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