Barton Lazy Jack Kit for Yachts over 12mtr (40 Foot )

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Lazy Jack Kits For Yachts Over 12 mtrs - One only, display box for this item showing signs of wear

The Barton Lazy Jack System allows the mainsail to be easily reefed or stowed in all weather conditions. Allow mainsails to be reefed or dropped with ease, by retaining the sail between lines running from the mast (near the hounds) to the boom. These lines can be slackened whilst sailing to avoid restricting sail shape.This kit features Bartons unique block covers and is intended for both conventional and fully battened mainsails. 

The Barton Single Line Reefing Kit in conjunction with the 41 150 Lazy Jack Kit makes Sail Reefing safe and simple as this can all be carried out from the safety of the cockpit.

1. Contents of your Lazy Jack Kit:

2 x Lazy Jack wire assembly lines, including blocks and pad eyes to be fitted to the mast 
1 x Adjustment line to be reeved through the blocks and fittings 
1 x Cheek block (To fit to boom) 
1 x Curved backing plate (For use when fitting cheek block to curved boom)
1 x Cleat (To fit to boom) 
2 x Pad Eyes (to fit to boom) 
Rivets & machine screws

  • Ideal for use with fully battened or conventional mainsails, these complete kits contain stainless steel, plastic-coated wires with blocks and fixing eyes attached.
  • High quality braided line, all fixings and comprehensive fitting instructions are also included.


Barton Lazy Jack Kit for Yachts over 12mtr (40 Foot )
Barton Lazy Jack Kit for Yachts over 12mtr (40 Foot )Barton Lazy Jack Kit for Yachts over 12mtr (40 Foot )

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