Dometic Waeco CU55 & VD07 Cooling Kit

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This CU55 & VD07 Cooling Kit allows you to easily convert a locker or coolbox into a fridge by installing this DIY kit with the minimum of fuss and a few simple DIY tools, we have even added a video to illustrate ease of installation. The perfect refrigeration solution for small suitable for UK and Mediterranean waters, the kit consists of an air cooled compressor and an 'Oval' shaped cooling plate, suitable for a coolbox volume of 130 litres max and supplied with a thermostat switch.

The Danfoss compressor is air cooled, mounted on a stainless steel mounting plate and features integrated low voltage protection, connections for the power supply and self sealing valve couplings. The evaporator plate itself is suitable for horizontal or vertical installation, and has a flexible connection pipe (approx 1.8m) with self-sealing valve couplings and a variable thermostat switch with 3m supply cable. The system is supplied fully gassed and also has self-sealing valve couplings, when the couplings on the compressor and evaporator hoses are coupled together the refrigerant circulates the system and begins operating. 

  •  Voltage: 12/24 Volt
  •  Power input: approx 35 watts
  •  Compressor Size: H160xL220xD220mm
  •  Compressor Weight: 6.5kg  
  •  Cooling Plate Size: H247xW300xD110mm
  •  Cooling Capacity: 130 litres max with 50mm PU foam insulation
  • Calculating the system requirements: Calculate the size of your coolbox by measuring the L x W x D in cm and divide by 1000. This will give the litreage of the system you require for efficient cooling.
  • Typical current consumption for the CU55/VD07 system is approx 1Ah with 50mm insulation at 20ºC ambient temperature.
  • The additional purchase of the EPS-100 power rectifier allows supply to alternate between DC & AC depending if hooked up and using marina power supply.
"Bought the Dometic system from TCS. Item received and fitted to existing cool box. Fitting was easy and fridge has been working perfectly. Very pleased with everything."
Star Rating 5


Dometic CU-55/VD-07 Cooling Kit

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