Industrial Pumps

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Flojet Self-priming diaphragm pump 230 volt a.c.
230volt, Flojet Quad 4000 series self priming diaphram pump suitable for marine, domestic and industrial applications. Connections: - 15mm (1/2") Hose Dimensions: - 230mm long, 101mm wide, 95mm high Fuse Size: - 3(amp) Output: - up to 12 litres/minute (2.7 gallons/minute). Maximum recommended total head 40m Continuous duty Quad' diaphragm design allows extended dry running Self-primes up to...
£279.00 inc VAT
Jabsco Cyclone Low Pressure Circulation Pump
Jabsco Cyclone Low Pressure Circulation Pump
Jabsco Centrifugal Cyclone pump is a continuously rated non-self-priming pump for a variety of onboard and industrial applications including central heating and heated coolant circulation, liquid transfer, bait tank and livewell systems. Connections: - ¾”BSP internal threaded ports Dimensions: - 163mm long, 120mm wide, 122mm high Fuse Size: - 10(amp) Maximum Current: - 7(amps) Output:...
from £309.00 inc VAT
Jabsco Dockside Utility Pump - 230v
Jabsco Dockside Utility Pump - 230v
Dockside Self-Priming Flexible Impeller Pump Utility Pump with output of up to 80L/min and 1½' BSP ports, 230volt, single phase/50Hz a.c. Connections: 1½” BSP internal threaded ports Dimensions: 330mm long, 250mm wide, 240mm high Output: up to 80 litres/minute Built-in dry-running protection for up to 30 minutes after initial prime Rapid self-priming from dry up to 4m Will...
from £570.00 inc VAT
Jabsco VR050 Sliding Vane Diesel Transfer Pump
Jabsco VR050 Sliding Vane Diesel Transfer Pump
Self-priming diesel transfer pump up to 50 litres/minute with switch/fuseholder & 1” hose adapters Connections: - 1” Hose Dimensions: - 215 mm long, 130mm wide, 65mm high Fuse Size: - 20(amp) Output: – up to 52 litres/minute (11 gallons/minute) at 3m head. Max recommended total head 10m Heavy duty, continuously rated diesel fuel transfer pump Robust cast iron body, bronze...
from £272.10 inc VAT