Johnson Viking Power 32 Toilet Waste Pump 12v

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Compact toilet handling and waste water pump
Thanks to it’s single-chamber design and non-choke valves, the Viking Power 32, can be used to pump un-macerated sewage to a holding tank or transfer it onwards to a septic tank. The Viking Power Vacuum has double check-valves and can therefore also be used in vacuum toilet systems. Naturally, pumping ordinary shower or sink drain water or bilge water is no problem for either pump.

Technical Specifications
Capacity: 32LPM (8.5GPM) open flow 30LPM (7.9GPM) at 0.1 bar
Max head: 4m (13.1ft)
Max lift: VP32: 2.5m (8.2ft) VP Vacuum: 3.5m (11.5ft)
Dimensions: VP32: 277mm long x 264mm wide x 192mm high 
VP Vacuum: 357mm long x 271mm wide x 192mm high
Ports: 38mm diameter (1.1/2')
Weight: VP32: 5.0kg (11.0lbs) VP Vacuum: 5.1kg (11.2lbs)
Motors: 3.5 amp (12V), 1.8 amp (24V) at 0.1 bar 12/24V DC (with built-in thermal protection)
Body: Nylon
Valves: Nitrile rubber
Diaphragm: Reinforced nitrile rubber

Additional Features:
• Specifically engineered to pump black wastewater
• Uncompromising odour-prevention features
• Self-priming
• Non choke valves - no waste shredding required
• Pump head rotatable 360º
• Double check valves on Viking Power Vacuum
• Self-priming up to 2.5 metres (8.2 feet)
• Electric motor with power-out, manual-crank backup


Johnson Viking Power 32 Toilet Waste Pump 12v

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