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Allen Brothers

Allen Brothers has evolved over the last 60 years into a modern hi-tech company and although we haven't strayed far from our engineering roots we are now much more than a manufacturer.

Since 2008 we have been marketing and distributing Allen dinghy hardware to customers all over the world. We have a highly technical sales team who are skilled sailors with an in-depth knowledge of our product range. They work closely with our design team and provide customers with friendly product advice and a fast and efficient processing service.  We also have a number of independent sponsored sailors from a variety of classes with whom we work to develop new and innovative products.

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Allen A-676 Large Composite Cleat 4-10mm Rope
Super-light, super-tough carbon composite cam cleats. Moulded from the revolutionary Alanite material which diffuses the build up of heat away from the jaws, they have incredible wear resistance. Combined with the unique base and cam design, this is truly one mighty Cam Cleat. Line diameter: 4-10mm Fixing centres: 38mm Weight: 34g
£25.00 £19.95
Allen A165 Vang Block with Jammer
Allen A165 Vang Block with Jammer
A165 lightweight alloy vang block with V jammer. Length O/A: 93mm Max Line Size: 2-6mm dia

Allen AL-0052 7mm Bullseye Fairlead (Pack of 2)
Allen’s 7mm Bullseye Fairleads are ideal for running Ropes or wires around your boat, and feature impact and UV resistant material. Pack of 2.
£1.89 £1.59
Allen AL-0452 11mm Bullseye Fairlead (Pack of 2)
Acetal open based and bullseye rope fairleads Inside Diameter – 11mm Fixing Hole Size – 3mm Distance between fixing – 18mm Weight – 4g
£2.99 £2.35

Allen AL-0099 Plastic 47mm Toe Strap Plate Pair
2 Pack Fixing plates for toe straps Size 47mm Length Plastic in either Grey or White
£2.50 £2.00
Allen AL-0153 7mm Low Profile Fairlead (Pack of 2)
This low profile 7mm Fairlead from Allen has been injection moulded with high-grade acetal, and comes supplied in packs of 2.
£1.89 £1.59

Allen AL-4099 Stainless Steel Toe Strap Plate Pair
2 Pack Fixing plates for toe straps and stainless steel buckles for toe straps 5mm Fix Hole Size 51mm Length 16mm Width 2mm Height 28mm Distance.
£4.31 £3.50
Allen AL-0174 Alloy Inglefield Clips 10mm AL-0174
Pressure die cast aluminium clips for easy attachment and release of flags, blocks and other fittings on the water Packed: 2 10mm - Max rope 10mm - length: 50mm - thickness 10mm
£8.15 £6.95

Allen AL-5005 5mm X 26.5mm Fast Pin (2 Pack)
Allen’s 5mm x 26.5mm Fast Pin features a ring for rigging stay adjustment, as well as stainless steel reaching hooks for use with Allen anchor plates.
£14.91 £12.95
Allen AL-4476 2-6mm Mini Alloy Cam Cleat
This 2-6mm Mini Alloy Cam Cleat features a jaw profile that optimizes rope entry and exit for smooth cleating and uncleating, whilst double coil springs and ball bearing technology give consistent cam action. The addition of the ultra-prolead with optional wire reinforcement enhances cleating angles for superior performance and longevity in ultra-hardwearing applications.
£21.93 £16.95

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