Supplying quality rope in both synthetic and natural fibres, polyester, nylon and dyneema Kingfisher Yacht Ropes source their ropes from the best european suppliers and now supply many of the world´s leading racing yachts and dinghies.  The less expensive blue SFR polyproylene rope is supplied to industry by the coil for general use while our specialist yacht and dinghy rope and decorative ropes can be purchased by the meter length to suit individual applications. Our polyester pre-spliced docklines are comfortable to handle and the braided rope has stretch characteristics and is supplied with an eye spliced in to one end.   

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Kingfisher Yacht Ropes 3 Strand Polyester
3 strand polyester is a traditional soft and strong twisted rope that has good abrasion resistance, it is also very flexible easy to splice with minimal water absorbtion. A general purpose rope suitable for Mooring Lines, Fender Lines, Docklines and Anchor Warp. Breaking Strength 8 mm = 1150kg 10 mm = 1850kg 12 mm = 3000kg 14 mm = 3400kg 16 mm = 5000kg 18 mm = 6400kg 20 mm =...
£1.14 from £1.00
Kingfisher Yacht Ropes 8 Plait Polypropylene Floating Line
Kingfisher Yacht Ropes 8 Plait Polypropylene Floating Line
Floatline is a high visibility yellow 8plait single braid multi-filament polypropylene rope. Due to its high visibility it makes a good floating safety line and we would recommend 30mtr length when used on liferings and lifebuoys. Ideal for General Purpose, Life lines & Throw bags. Breaking Strength Kilos 6 mm = 550 8 mm = 870 10 mm = 1300 Sold per Meter
from £1.25

Kingfisher Yacht Ropes Braid on Braid
Braid on braid polyester is an ideal cruising rope, it is good on the hands and easy to splice. Kingfisher Braid on Braid is a 100% polyester rope with braided core and durable braided outer. Pre-stretched for halyard performance, fIexible and easy to splice and ideal for use as a cruising rope, for sheets, control lines and general purpose applications. Coloured fleck to aid identification Breaking...
£1.02 from £0.90
16 Plait Matt Polyester Yacht Rope White/Blue Fleck
Matt polyester is a soft polyester braid on braid yacht rope, it has a high grip staple polyester cover and braided polyester core. Matt polyester is easy to splice and great for sheets on traditional sailing boats. Suggested Usages: Sheets Halyards Control Lines Classic rigging Breaking Strengths In Kilos: 8mm = 1200 10mm = 2700 12mm = 3300 Sold per meter
£1.95 from £1.75

Kingfisher Yacht Ropes Shockcord
Kingfisher Yacht Ropes Shockcord
Shockcord elastic has a multi-filament rubber core and polyester braided cover, it has good abrasion resistance and has 100% stretch. Generally used for sailing and marine applications such as trapeze lines or keeping control lines tidy, shockcord can also be used for securing trailer covers and other other items such as outside chairs. Sold per meter
from £0.85
Kingfisher Yacht Ropes 8 Plait Standard Polyester White
Kingfisher Yacht Ropes 8 Plait Standard Polyester White
8 plait standard is a general purpose polyester rope/cord used for many general purpose applications. Ideal for Mouse Lines, Flag ropes, Whipping and Lashing and General purpose applications around the boat. Diameter (mm) Break Strengths (kgs) 1.5 70 2 115 3 185 4 ...
£0.35 from £0.30

Rope Seal Toolbox Hot knife
This is a great item for any yachtsmans toolkit. Handy to have onboard or for those jobs in the marina or in the dinghy park. The Rope Seal Toolbox Hot knife operates using lighter gas and provides instant heat to seal the ends of most synthetic fibres. Cuts and seals Piezo ignition Fully adjustable Refill with lighter gas Hot knife tip as standard
£24.46 £21.95