Dampness and condensation contribute to mould and mildew which is damaging to the boats interior and furnishings. Using low wattage tube heaters and moisture control via a dehumidifier help air circulation and prevent the build up of moisture leading to a more comfortable onboard environment.

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Lalizas Boat Yacht Hatch Grey Ventilating Sail - Windtrap
Lalizas Boat Yacht Hatch Grey Ventilating Sail - Windtrap
The Hatch Ventilating Sail - Windtrap is aerodynamically designed to provide optimum ventilation in your cabin, channelling the air down into the hatch. It is made from strong nylon for durability and high resistance against the strong winds. If installed correctly it will not flutter and will prevent any whistling and flapping noise. The Windtrap is packed in its own storage bag The Windtrap...
£34.99 £32.99
Seago Ecodry Desiccant Boat Dehumidifier
Seago Ecodry is specifically designed for boats and marine applications with the environment in mind. The Ecodry is a desiccant dehumidifier and as such has no harmful gases and no compressor making this compact machine highly efficient and economic and crucially lightweight. Simple to operate with a clear display and capable of continuous operation (ideal for boats winter lay up) and the auto restart...


£189.00 £169.00

Caframo Stor-Dry Air Heater Circulator
A "must have" item for any boat, caravan or motorhome during the winter months as it prevents the damage caused by mould and mildew. The Stor-Dry is a low wattage warm air circulator, manufactured in no corrosive materials it combats mould, mildew and musty odours in any boat that is closed up or winterised. The Stor-Dry dual action air dryer uses a low wattage heating element and internal...
£150.38 £135.00
Moisture Mate - Moisture Absorber
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Moisture Mate - Moisture Absorber
Moisture Mate helps keep unwanted moisture under control, reducing the risk of condensation, damp, midew and unpleasant smells. Simply place the moisture mate on a suitable horizontal surface within the cabin, heads or locker space and the moisture from atmosphere will be absorbed in to the crystals preventing build up of condensation, mould and mildew. Each unit comes with enough absorption crystals...
£10.00 £9.50

Slimline Boat Electric Tube Heater with Thermostat
Great for controlling damp and condensation within the cabin, heads or engine bay, these low power 240V tube heaters feature a thermostat and create air circulation in enclosed spaces helping to prevent condensation, dampness, mould and mildew. The fitting of the heater is quite simple as each heater is supplied with brackets for temporary use or for permanent wall mounting or floor standing and...
£33.60 from £28.00
Omni-Directional Wind Scoop, Polyester
Particularly efficient in the marina : provides optimum ventilation, whatever the wind direction. It is rigged over the hatch by 4 straps and hangs from a halyard thanks to incorporated eyelet.
£116.69 £99.99

Plastimo Wind Scoop Standard
Plastimo Wind Scoop Standard
Provides optimum cabin ventilation. The ventilating sail is rigged over the hatch and hangs from a halyard thanks to incorporated eyelet. A fibreglass batten keeps it under tension. Base dimension unfolded: 140 cm.
£66.05 £65.00