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Seajet 035 Hard Racing Antifoul - 2.5L
The Seajet 035 Hard Racing Antifoul is a high performance antifouling. Designed to be hard and burnishable making it perfect for motorboats and fast yachts. It provides brilliant performance against fouling, keeping your vessel protected, sleek and fast through the water. With it's burnishable characteristics it provides an ultra smooth finish throughout its lifespan and is suitable for pretty much...
£144.86 £129.95
Seajet 015 Underwater Primer - 750ml
Seajet 015 Underwater Primer is recommended as a binder coat for old antifouling and primer for new antifouling. Based on a special acrylic resin it works as an excellent sealer and barrier coat over over any unknown, incompatible and Teflon based antifouling. Quick drying, it adheres well to the existing surface and further coats, giving a good sea water resistance. Suitable for all substrates Underwater...


£21.11 £15.00

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