Electric outboard motors offer environmentally friendly, simple to use, efficient service. They have a few benefits when compared to traditional petrol outboard engines.

They are a lot lighter and easier to handle than a petrol engine, some brands being modular. Meaning you can separate the motor and battery. Leaving you two smaller, lighter item to handle and making them more manageable than one big heavy engine - a real bonus when handing an engine from boat to tender for example.

Improvements to drive technology means electric motors are now capable of similar speeds and performances of petrol outboards. Electric outboard motor ranges have also increased, making them much more than just a trolling motor.

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ThrustMe Cruiser - Kayak / Canoe / Paddleboard Electric MotorThrustMe Cruiser - Kayak / Canoe / Paddleboard Electric Motor
ThrustMe Cruiser - Kayak / Canoe / Paddleboard Electric Motor
The Cruiser is an electrical motor weighing only 3.5 Kg with the battery included, making it easy to fit on most floating devices. It’s controlled with a remote, making it for an easier and more enjoyable trip. Weight: 3.5 kg Brushless Motor Thrust: 16 kg Forward / 14 kg Reverse Rechargeable Li-ion 18.5V 14Ah battery Charging Time: 4 Hours / 230 V Snap On/Off Remote Controller Emergency...
£1,099.00 £1,049.00
ThrustMe Kicker - Electric Outboard Motor with Integrated Lithium Battery
Lightweight and compact, the kicker lends itself perfectly as a short range propulsion system for a tender that will get you to and from the shore with no fuss and no noise. A fully enclosed propeller is powered by a 1000W brushless motor coupled to an integral 259 Wh Lithium battery. At only 4.7kg the kicker is light enough to pass up from a tender to a yacht single-handedly. Weight : 4.7 kg Brushless...
£1,199.00 £999.00