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Telescopic Buoyant Paddle
Telescopic Buoyant Paddle
Ideal for liferafts, lifeboats or small tenders. It features a telescopic aluminium pole and a palm grip made of PP to provide a comfortable handle. Available in dimensions of Ø25mm- L51,5-76,5cm and in black colour.
Bravo Convertible Kayak / Canoe Paddle
Bravo Convertible Kayak / Canoe Paddle
The Bravo combination paddle gives you the best of both worlds. When paddling on your own use it as a normal double blade kayak paddle. When paddling with a friend, simply take the paddle apart, add on the handles and away you go with 2 canoe paddles. The paddle shafts are aluminium and the blades are robust polypropylene plastic. Makes 1 x Kayak Paddle (215cm). or 2 x Canoe Paddles (150cm)...
£43.20 £39.95

2 Piece Bravo Kayak Paddle
Two piece Kayak paddle with aluminium shaft and drip rings. Push button joint Diameter 29mm aluminium Shaped polypropylene with 20% fibreglass blade 230cm long
£44.95 £38.95
Canadian Wooden Canoe Paddle
Wooden paddle laminated from clean timber with shaped handle and reinforced blade. Blade tip reinforced with a wedge Suitable both for canoes and boats Sold as single paddle


£51.25 from £46.00