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Electric Toilet Flush Switch, MON-OFF (2 Positions) 3 Pins 12V/24V
• Rocker switch with Mon-Off function (automatically returns to OFF from flush position) • Dual (12/24V) voltage rating: DC 12V 20A /24V 10A • Dimensions: length 114mm, width 54mm • Mounting dimensions: length 103mm, width 43mm, depth 75mm • IP66 • Circuit protection: resettable circuit breaker 20A
£44.50 £32.99
Sterling Split Charge Diode
Sterling Split Charge Diode
Sterling Split Charge Diode A versatile battery management system which allows simultaneous charging through a diode system which ensures power is evenly distributed through the boats battery banks. Most boats have at least 2 battery banks, some have 3 and these tend to be the engine start battery, the domestic battery bank (please note that if you join three or four batteries together in your domestic...
£43.20 from £39.00