Aluminium Rudder Disc Anode 127mm Flange

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Navalloy is a high performance alloy! It contains aluminum, 5% zinc and traces of indium, which ensures that it stays active. Navalloy is more active than zinc so it gives better protection.

Navalloy anodes last up to 30% longer than zinc anodes and self-clean in freshwater.

Zinc anodes form a coating that stops them working within a few months.

Navalloy anodes are recommended for both salt and freshwater on Mercury sterndrives.

Navalloy anodes are environmentally friendly.

Navalloy anodes will reactivate after exposure to the atmosphere. You should not mix different types of anodes on the same bonding system.

Do not use magnesium anodes in salt or brackish water - they will over-protect aluminum outdrives or hulls.

Performance Metals Premium Anodes feature the patented Wear Indicator : Imbedded plastic indicator appears in surface as anode corrodes and tells the boater when to change! No argument about need to replace

Sold as a pair with fixing bolt


Aluminium Rudder Disc Anode 127mm Flange

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