Canopy Eyelet Kit 9.53mm

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MPN: MF-010110

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Brass eyelets for use on canopy, spray dodgers, sails and tonneau covers. Various sizes to suit different cord and shockcord diameters and the kit is supplied with a punch and die to aid fitting.

To Install:

Simply mark the hole position on the fabric, place the die on the under side of the fabric and using a hammer and the punch one or two good hits should break the fabric creating a hole. Now reverse the die, place one half of the eylet kit in the die, the other half is located from the top of fabric and using the reverse end of the punch hit with hammer to bind together the two halves of the eyelet which should now be securely fitted to the fabric.

Pack Quantity:

9.53mm = 25



Canopy Eyelet Kit 9.53mm

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