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Marlin 3mm Adult Combi Wetsuit - Small
Clearance Wetsuit, old style new stock with some signs of discolouration 3mm summer combi wetsuit, long legs short sleeve with back zip constructed of single and double lined neoprene
£69.00 £15.00
Stormsure Repair Adhesive 15gm Tube
Stormsure is a waterproof adhesive and sealant for flexible materials. Use it to seal seams and to repair waterproof fabrics. for use on waterproof clothing, Boots, Tents, wetsuits and many other items possibly the best seam sealer on the market works on nylon, cotton, PVC, PU, leather, canvas, neoprene and most other materials
£8.95 £7.50

Stormsure Neoprene Glue with Patches - 30ml Tube
Neoprene Queen is a neoprene glue with repair patches for any rips in your waders, wetsuit or wellies can be quickly repaired on the bank, with or without a patch, allowing you back in the water in under 10 minutes. Perfect for rips, holes, splits, open or unstitched seams. A quick drying black neoprene based contact adhesive which is better value than Black Witch. The blister card contains...
£9.99 £6.00