Coelan Boat Coating Transparent Silk (Matte) Finish - 750 ml

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To achieve a silk (matte) finish, this product can be applied in a single layer as a finishing coat over a gloss foundation. Suitable for use on surfaces composed of wood, fiberglass, steel, aluminium flexible rubber, or plastic. The silk finish is not recommended for use in areas where secure footing is a necessity, as it increases the risk of skidding. This formulation cannot be mixed with COELAN color paste.

COELAN Boat Coating Products are widely regarded as the world’s best wood coating and finishing products. COELAN outlasts and out-performs all other high-quality varnishes. When COELAN Coating is used according to manufacturer’s directions, the results are long-lasting, needing no re-coating for several years.

COELAN Marine Coating is a top-quality, German-made varnish with exceptional characteristics that enhance its durability and provide an excellent degree of protection for surfaces exposed to even the harshest marine environment.COELAN is a product that is widely employed by boat builders and much appreciated by private boat owners.

COELAN Marine Coating is a single-ingredient polyurethane Boat Coating that is elastic, UV-resistant, and water-vapor permeable, intended for surfaces composed of wood, fiberglass, plastic, flexible rubber, fabric, and metals such as steel and aluminum. COELAN coating can be used for wood decks, spars, hatch covers, railings, wood trim, and patio decks and furniture made of wood. It can also be used to protect plastic lawn furniture, skin-on-frame (SOF) kayaks, rubber dinghies, bronze and brass fittings, steel, chrome, RV interiors, and as a roof sealant. COELAN has been used extensively in the preservation of historic and museum vessels, as well as to protect the interior and exterior wood surfaces of many cruise ships, tall ships, yachts and other luxury vessels.

Independent studies rank COELAN Boat Coating as the world’s best varnish.

Consumption approximately:

200 ml / sq. m. or 7.76 fluid ounces / 10.78 sq. ft.

Size: 750 ml


Coelan Boat Coating Transparent Silk (Matte) Finish - 750 ml

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