Plastimo Iris 100 Hand Bearing Compass Yellow with Light

Item: 2-2008

MPN: P63877

A useful compass that doubles up as both a hand bearing and a fixed steering compass. It can be mounted both vertically or horizontally and the 70mm cone shaped card has double reading and 2 lubber lines. Well compensated and gimballed it has a soft rubber casing making it an easy to use handbearing compass.

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The Iris 100 is a universal compass which can be installed on any inclination or position.

Its ideal for taking bearings and for use as a course compass as its 'clip on' bracket makes it easily removable. 

- Soft rubber casing for protection. 
- Conical card with horizontal and vertical reading. 
- Gimballed magnetic set: the card remains perfectly horizontal whatever the angle of the compass. 
-2 mobile lubber lines. 
- Legendary Plastimo pivot and hard stoneguarantee the accuracy and durability. 
- Floats. 
- Weight: 295g 
- Complies with ISO 613.


Plastimo Iris 100 Hand Bearing Compass Yellow with Light

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