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Aquasignal Series 34 LED Masthead Navigation Light
Aquasignal Series 34 LED Masthead White Light (White Housing) Suitable for vessels less than 20m length. "Fit and Forget" LED technology makes Series 34 LED navigation lights an ideal choice. The LED unit has an almost endless lifespan with no maintenance costs. The LED body is thermally connected to a machined aluminium casing which keeps it cool allowing a lifetime of more than 50,000...
£148.52 £109.95
Bay15D Bi-Colour LED Navigation Light Bulb
The Bay15D 50 LEDs Replacement Bulb will replace your conventional navigation light bulb instantly converting your existing navigation lights into LED for boats up to 20 meters. The LED bulbs consume 3.5watts and have the same light output as the conventional 10w & 25w glowing bulb. They are insensitive to the movements and vibrations of the ship and future a life-time over 50.000 hours. Mast...


£49.95 £42.95

Brass Recessed Halogen Light
Brass swivel recessed interior light. 85mm x 85mm Mounting Hole 75mm dia. Swivel adjustment 12v 20w Halogen ## Ex display and some very minor blemishes ##
£19.99 £10.00
Festoon Bulb 12v 10w
Festoon Bulb 12v 10w
10w standard festoon bulb suitable for interior, exterior and navigation lights. 42mm long

Nauticclean 09 Professional Universal Cleaner
Alkaline detergent specially formulated for boats, containing specific complexing agents and sequestrants to solubilize perfectly traces of sodium, calcium, fat, smoke deposits, atmospheric dust. Specially conceived to clean gelcoat but also stainless steel, glass, plexiglas, chrome, etc… Professional Universal Cleaner, with surfactants of vegetable origin, respects the environment and...
£14.99 from £9.99