D-Splicer Rope Splicing Kit

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D-splicer offers a range of specialized rope splicing products for sailors and riggers. As the development of fibers for ropes has taken off in the last decades, new splicing tools are required. The pulling needles are complimentary to the conventional fids and the unique double needle clamps your line and makes it easy to pull through, especially in situations where little space is allowed and for working with thinner ropes.

D-splicer set

The D-splicer set comes with four needles and an exchangeable handle, packed in a tube for easy storage. Just unscrew the handle and change the needle matching the rope diameter you work with.

The set comes with four needles of two different sizes:

  • two needles of ø 1 mm x 24 cm, suitable for the splicing of ropes < ø 2 mm
  • two needles of ø 1.5 mm x 26 cm, suitable for the splicing of ropes ø 2-4 mm


D-Splicer Rope Splicing Kit

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