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Digital Yacht AIS100 Pro AIS Receiver (NMEA+USB)
Digital Yacht AIS100 Pro AIS Receiver (NMEA+USB)
Great entry-level AIS receiver for use with PC navigation software and chart plotters, such as the latest Garmin, Raymarine, Navico, Standard Horizon and Furuno units. Connected to an existing VHF antenna (via a splitter) or dedicated AIS antenna, you can receive all AIS targets within range – typically up to 30nm. Simple plug and play USB connection to a PC, uses standard drivers built-in to...


Digital Yacht AIT1500 Class B AIS Transponder
An easy to install Class B AIS with built in GPS antenna and universal NMEA 0183 interface The AIT1500 incorporates a high sensitivity GPS antenna within its compact case which saves on antenna clutter and makes for a speedy installation. Ideal for fitting on smaller vessels and tenders, it uses a NMEA0183 interface for simple connection to the vast majority of AIS compatible chart plotters and also...
£504.00 £449.00

Digital Yacht AIT2000 Class B AIS Transponder
The AIT2000 uses the latest AIS Transponder technology to squeeze more performance and interfacing options in to a housing that is half the size of our previous generation transponder. This ultra-compact Class B Transponder has three outputs; NMEA 0183, NMEA 2000 and USB connection, allowing it to work with every AIS compatible chart plotter or software package on the market today. Featuring a remote...
£594.00 £525.00
Digital Yacht AIT3000 Nucleus Class B AIS Transponder
Digital Yacht AIT3000 Nucleus Class B AIS Transponder
The AIT3000 integrates a Class B AIS transponder with a ZeroLoss VHF-AIS splitter and full featured interface including NMEA0183, NMEA2000, USB and wireless making it easy and fast to install as well as offering maximum connectivity. Class B AIS transponders have made a remarkable impact on small craft navigation but many potential users or installers are put off by the requirement for yet another...
£996.00 £899.00

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