East Coast Rivers Cruising Companion Hardback (New Edition)

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East Coast Rivers Cruising Companion

Well established as ‘the East Coast yachtsman’s bible’, this 20th edition of Jan Harber’s classic cruising companion marks the book’s 60th anniversary.

Dating back to 1956 when Jack Coote, Jan’s father, produced the first black and white edition, 

East Coast Rivers, now extending from Lowestoft to Ramsgate, continues to cover the rivers, curlew-haunted creeks and intricate shoals and swatchways of the Thames Estuary and surrounding rivers.

Comprehensive pilotage and nautical information based on years of local knowledge is complemented by port information and local maritime history, helping cruising sailors to make the most of their visit to the East Coast.

The text is illustrated throughout with updated charts and photographs, including spectacular aerial shots of a number of the rivers and entrances that make up this cherished cruising ground.

Not only a pilot guide, this is the memoir of a family’s history; exploring, capturing and celebrating this extraordinary sailing area.




Dimensions (cm):30.3 x 21.4


Publication date:1st Nov 2016




East Coast Rivers Cruising Companion Hardback (New Edition)

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