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Plain Slotted Ventilator 220 x 150 mm Polished Chrome
E C Smiths Polished Chrome Plain Slotted Ventilator Brass Hit & Miss Vent 220 x 150 mm Strong 16 gauge sheet metal is used to manufacture metal vents
£19.95 £10.95
Bay15D Bi-Colour LED Navigation Light Bulb
The Bay15D 50 LEDs Replacement Bulb will replace your conventional navigation light bulb instantly converting your existing navigation lights into LED for boats up to 20 meters. The LED bulbs consume 3.5watts and have the same light output as the conventional 10w & 25w glowing bulb. They are insensitive to the movements and vibrations of the ship and future a life-time over 50.000 hours. Mast...


£49.95 £42.95

Chrome Locker Latch
Locker latch in hot pressed brass with chrome finish. Size: 50mm
£38.19 £19.95
Solid Brass Flush Ring 63x75mm
Rectangular solid brass flush ring, limited stock available in 2 sizes: Size: 30mm x 40mm Size: 63mm x 75mm
£32.45 £19.95

Solid Brass or Chrome Round Flush Ring
Round solid brass flush ring, supplied with brass or chrome finish Size: 38mm dia.
£19.62 £9.95
Chromed Solid Brass Flush Ring
Rectangular solid brass flsuh ring with chrome finish. Size: 51 x 38mm
£34.46 £12.95

76mm Brass Cabin Hook
Hot pressed brass cabin hook Size: 76mm Slight surface discolouration may occur with brass products
£9.99 £6.85

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