Garmin BlueChart G3 Vision VEU722L - Europe Atlantic Coast

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Detailed coverage of the Atlantic and Mediterranean coast of Western Europe, the British Isles and northwestern Africa. Coverage includes the Azores, Canary, Balearic, Channel, and Shetland Islands; Sardinia, Corsica and Madeira, the western Mediterranean Sea from La Spezia, IT to the Strait of Gibraltar, Bay of Biscay, English Channel, Irish Sea, Waddenzee, IJsselmeer, the inland canals and waterways of France and Benelux; the Garonne, Loire, Seine and Rhone River systems; the Rhine River to Neuwied, DE; Lake Leman (Geneva), the entire British Isles including Lough Neagh, the Caledonian Canal, the Isles of Wight and Man and the Thames River and Estuary; the coast of Africa from Cape Bojador, EH to Cape Bougaroun, DZ.


Garmin BlueChart G3 Vision VEU722L - Europe Atlantic Coast

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