Pains Wessex Day & Night Flare MK8

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Description: Compact, hand held distress signal consisting of a red flare at one end and an orange smoke at the other. Housed in a rugged, corrosion & water resistant case Application: This flare is suitable for Day or Night use - only when rescue services are sighted. Select the end to use - Smoke by day and Flare by night. Product

Specification: Length: 190mm (7.48 ins)

Diameter: 30mm (1.18 ins) Weight: 170g (6oz)

Net Explosive Content: 45g (1.58oz) Ignition: pull-wire ignitor Flare burning time: 20 seconds Light intensity: 15,000cd

Colour of light: Red Smoke

Duration: 18 seconds Colour: Orange

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Exp Dec 2022


Pains Wessex Day & Night Flare MK8

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