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Raymarine Black Quantum 2 Q24D 18" Radar RadomeRaymarine Black Quantum 2 Q24D 18" Radar Radome
Raymarine Black Quantum 2 Q24D 18" Radar Radome
Quantum 2 with Doppler collision avoidance technology makes it easy to discern potentially dangerous targets when navigating in high-traffic areas. Using advanced Doppler processing, Quantum 2 instantly highlights moving radar contacts and color codes them to indicate whether they are inbound or outbound.  
£2,595.00 from £2,350.00
Raymarine Quantum Q24C 18" Radar
Raymarine Quantum Radar, by FLIR, is the next generation of marine radar featuring CHIRP pulse compression technology.
£1,995.00 from £1,795.50

Raymarine Quantum Q24D Doppler 18" Radar
Quantum 2 Doppler Radar, perfect for Sailboats, RIBs, and smaller powerboats. Available as a standalone scanner with no power or data cable or with 10m and 15m cabling Provides excellent short-range detection and enhanced target detail with 18’ (6m) minimum range Simplified, fast installation and can utilize existing Raymarine scanner fixing points Once installed, Quantum 2 starts up and is ready to go installed providing immediate awareness
£2,395.00 from £2,065.00
Raymarine Quantum Q24W 18" Radar
Quantum Q24W 18" CHIRP Pulse Compression radar dome
£1,895.00 £1,575.00