International Micron 350 Antifouling 2.5 Litres


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International new Micron 350 is an antifouling product effective against fouling organisms? slime, aquatic plants and animals. A Premium Self Polishing Copolymer (SPC) antifouling suitable for professional and consumer application onto vessels in fresh and salt water.

The continuously polishing system provides up to 2 years performance, avoiding paint build up. The eversmoothing surface ensures that drag is always minimised whilst maintaining optimum biocide release including in stationary periods.


Colour - YBB623Black, YBB624Navy, YBB625Blue, YBB626Green, YBB627Dark Grey, YBB628Dover White, YBB629Red

Finish - Low Sheen

Specific Gravity - 2.2 average

Volume Solids - 62% average

Typical Shelf Life - 2 yrs

VOC (As Supplied) 333 g/lt average

VOC (EU Solvent) 153g/kg EU Solvent Emissions Directive (Council Directive 1999/13/EC)


International Micron 350 Antifouling 2.5 Litres

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